Saturday, 12 May 2012

EI2DBR active on 145.650 MHz at Devil's Bit Mountain

Devils Bit
Our 145.650 MHz (VHF) repeater is now active from Devil's Bit mountain with the call-sign EI2DBR. This will provide wider coverage of the existing network of repeaters. 

Reports are welcome - reports can be sent to or by commenting on this post.


HamRadioIreland said...

Great stuff? Do you have a locator square for it?

South Eastern Amateur Radio Group said...

Yup - it's IO62hd but I'll confirm that just to make sure. I'll also check out the WAI square in case anyone needs it..... Mark, EI7IS

South Eastern Amateur Radio Group said...

Sorry, my last comment was way off :-) The locator is actually IO62bu (apologies for the error).

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