Wednesday, 9 May 2012

EI2GEO - Geopark weekend 2012

SEARG will for the 5th successive year run the special event station EI2GEO from Tankardstown on the Copper Coast Geopark in Co. Waterford over the weekend of 26/27 May 2012 as part of Geopark Week.

Anyone wanting to get involved should get in touch with Mark Wall (EI7IS) on 087-630-2026 or e-mail the club.

Latest news! The licence / permit for EI2GEO has been approved!

Participants so far are;

Call sign     Name           Operating      Equipment
EI6GVB        David Gainda   Yes (SSB)      Radio, HF Antenna, Cable, Battery
EI7IS         Mark Wall      Yes (SSB/CW)   Radio (FT-897), Morse Key, Car
EI7IG         John Ronan     Yes
EI5GOB        Francis Lenane Yes 
EI2HIB        Martin Murphy  Yes
EI1629        Dennis Drennan Yes            Caravan

For information about previous years events, click HERE!
For information about the Copper Coast Geopark, click HERE!

Footage of some CW operation from EI2GEO, May 2010!

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Mark (EI7IS) said...

Anyone wanting to get involved can call me on 087-6302026. Cheers..... Mark, EI7IS

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