Saturday, 26 October 2019

Soldering Workshop

Keith EI5KJ busy with calculations 
The club held a very successful soldering workshop on Saturday the 26yh of October in the Ballybeg Community Centre. The workshop was broken up into a number of sections firstly equipment and method of use, and then into building on to a board firstly an AM radio and procedure and soldering components into place with special attention to dissipating the head from the soldering iron via heat sink to protect the components.

The class then went on to building an amplifier for the radio which involved an IC chip and again the method of fitting an IC holder to the circuit board and then soldering the various components from the IC pins to various areas in the board.

Finally, one of the built boards was tested and sounding excellent. Well done to all who attended and supported the day and we look forward to the next event. A special word of thanks to Keith EI5KJ for all his hard work in preparing and doing the workshop.