Committee and Roles

Contact Details
General Queries: SouthEasternARG @
Chairperson: John Tubbritt, EI3HQB
Vice-Chairperson:  Eoghan Kinane, EI5HBB
Secretary:  David Gainda, EI6GVB
Treasurer:  Mark Wall, EI7IS
PRO:  Seany Byrne, EI2HZB
Officers: John Ronan, EI7IG
Kieran Howley, EI9DHB
Wayne Lewis
Newsreaders: David Gainda, EI6GVB
Seany Byrne, EI2HZB
Trustees: Egidio Giani, EI9EQ
QSL Manager: Alan Buckley, EI3HDB
Web / Social Media: Mark Wall, EI7IS
Seany Byrne, EI2HZB

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KN4PYW - George (Larry) said...

Being a new ham I just discovered talk group 2724 and the net held every Monday evening. Looking forward to checking in. I have roots in the town of Dunmanway.

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